Social Work Theory and Reflective Practice Cards

Social Work Theory and Reflective Practice Cards


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Reflective Practice - Prompt Cards for Social Workers.

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This set of 52 full colour double sided prompt cards is accompanied by an explanatory guide, which provides hints and tips on using the cards to promote reflective practice and reflective supervision.

Critically reflective practice is a key aspect of social work and reflective supervision is seen as vital in promoting good practice. However, reflection is often presented in an abstract and academic way. The cards are designed to take a very different approach - drawing on the different ways in which people think.

The cards provide a visual and tactile experience to support all stakeholders to explore reflection in new and creative ways. The card contents cover key specific concepts in reflection, exploring what it is and why it is needed in social work practice, particular skills in reflection are covered as are key models of reflection.

Originally designed as prompt cards for supervision, the accompanying booklet explores which cards would be most useful to use where practitioners are struggling with particular aspects of practice. Many students find that a set of these cards is helpful to go through when planning portfolios and reflective assignments.

Social Work Theory Cards - Prompt Cards for Social Workers.

This set of cards briefly outlines a wide range of theories and models in social work. This second edition set contains 101 cards. 100 theories, models and approaches are covered, whilst the final card explains the difference between a theory, model, method and approach.

Social Work Theory Cards provide an exciting opportunity to use more creative techniques when exploring theory and practice with both students and qualified staff. Every practice educator and indeed every social work team, should have a set. The pack contains an explanatory booklet with lots of ideas about how to use the cards, but the possibilities are limitless. The cards are presented in a handy box set along with some blank cards which can be completed to add further to the set.

Originally designed for use by practice educators in supervision, many social work students are buying the cards as prompt cards to help them widen their repertoire of social work theory.

The prompt card set provides a good investment for a social work career, since the pack can be updated as necessary. If you have a first edition set, then an update pack is available as a separate purchase.

Reflective Practice Cards ISBN 978-1903575994

52 cards

38 Page booklet

Product Dimensions: 22.2 x 3.4 x 17 cm

Social Work Theory Cards ISBN 978-1912130009

101 cards

39 Page booklet

Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 5.5 x 16.4 cm

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★★★★★ by Deborah H. on

Amazing items and so useful. Easy, step by step cards which really simplify social work theories, methods and approaches. The reflection cards really do help to develop how to use reflective practice positively and to analyse the support you give. Love these box sets and they have already proved their worth to me. Highly recommended to all social work students and also, practice educators, practice supervisors and practice tutors. All universities would benefit from these prompt cards: simple and full of information which is relevant and just enough to push you to research further. Amazing customer service - thank you Simon. Cannot fault the product or service at all and wholeheartedly recommend both