Emergence   Hidden Narratives from Neurodivergent Social Workers

Emergence Hidden Narratives from Neurodivergent Social Workers


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This anthology explores the intersection where the worlds of social work and neurodivergence meet, a space that is usually unseen, unheard and unknown. Within these pages you will meet social work students, their educators, and practitioners, who share their thoughts, experiences and hopes of this mostly hidden space.

The narratives in this collection take the form of reflections, poems, and artwork, alongside an advice section for neurodivergent social workers and those who wish to support and understand them. Every piece in this anthology is honest, personal and very much needed.

Emergence: Hidden Narratives from Neurodivergent Social Workers, provides an insight into the challenges and strengths that lived experience of neurodivergence brings and how this powerfully impacts the social work profession. We encourage you to dive in and immerse yourself within the lived experiences of our authors.

ISBN - 978-1-912130-76-4 Perfect Bound Edition

306 pages


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